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We will like to thank all of you who attended the exhibition in Utrecht.

Smans is very happy to introduce 
the NEW Ersa Smartflow
selective solder machine

This machine will be shown both on :
- SMT Nuremberg from 5 - 7th May 2015 (Hall 7 Booth 7-347)
- Electronics & Automation in Utrecht from 2 - 4th June 2015  (Booth 8B052)

If not yet registered for the shows, please send an e-mail to receive your free tickets to:

This is the new entry level selective machine, using the same parts as in Ersa's other selective machines.

  • 1 Electromagnetic Solder Pot (only 1)
  • The Fluxer and Pot will move in X and Z
  • The Carrier with PCBs (508 x 508) will move in Y
  • NEW software (that will also be used on the future selective machines)
  • Standard Touchscreen
  • Monitor for camera is integrated in the software (no additional monitor)
  • Top side heater available
  • Best in Class for quality 
  • Unbeatable low price

Smans is very happy to share this wonderful video with you of our latest products with customer Global in The Netherlands

  • Eunil board handling
  • Speedprint SP700avi stencil printer
  • EuroPlacer INEOII Pick & Place Machine

To visit the website of Global go to

THT desoldering in no time – Ersa X-TOOL VARIO the new standard in conventional through-hole-technology

The new X-TOOL VARIO convinces with highly efficient 150 W heating technology. Desoldering tasks getting conventional tools to their limits are solved brilliantly by the X-TOOL VARIO.  The design of the heating element and the desoldering tip ensure an efficient thermal transfer and a fast evacuation of the extracted solder.  For the user the ergonomic handle means relaxed working with a healthy hand position. The slim shape of the heating head and the desoldering tip allow desoldering even on tightly packed PCBs.  The residual solder is visible at all times in the transparent residual solder container. If necessary the residual solder container can be cleaned in no time.  Like in other Ersa tools the X-TOOL VARIO is equipped with a motion sensor thus the standby function and the idle mode can be used optimally to save energy and prolongue the lifetime of the desoldering tip.  Like in the proven X-TOOL the desoldering tips of the X-TOOL VARIO can be easily plugged in and can be changed in no time.

Technical highlights:

  • „„150 W heating power, Sensotronic
  • „„Short heating-up period (< 35 sec)
  • „„700 mbar extraction vacuum
  • „„Short response period for suction
  • „„Transparent residual solder container
  • „„Ergonomic handle for a healthy hand position
  • „„Versatile range of desoldering tips

LONDON, U.K. — 16th February 2015 — Based on its recent analysis of the market for electronics manufacturing services (EMS) providers for the aerospace and defence (A&D) industry, Frost & Sullivan recognises Europlacer with the 2015 Global Frost & Sullivan Award for Growth Excellence Leadership.

Recognized globally as a leader in the field of high technology and flexibility, Europlacer have received a number of awards over the years for our innovative approach to the Surface Mount assembly industry.
From our innovation award for our 3DPs closed loop feedback system ensuring consistent placement of sensitive devices on a variety of substrates; global technology award for the highly successful iineo machine platform; Frost and Sullivan product differentiation award culimating in Europlacer receiving Fost and Sullivan's company of the year award in 2014.

Europlacer iineo platform

The Europlacer iineo machine has been the back bone to Europlacer's success over recent years, and has proved itself to be extremely popular to both OEM and CEM manufacturers alike - particularly suited at applications where quick setup and changeover are critical and features such as intelliigent assembly, electrical verification of SMT devices and total component traceability are required