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In House Show Panel Building in the future on 12th February 2015! We look forward to all these new opportunities! Thanks for visiting. Smans team.

Smans is happy to share VDH Products' new company movie with you! Please notice the Optilia HD camerasystem for repair/rework delivered lately by Smans.

To watch the movie:

This is the link to VDH's website:





Do you want a demonstration of the system?  Please send your request to to arrange a date.

The IR/PL 550 is one of the best selling and most widespread
rework systems in the world and offers the best cost/performance

Rework system IR 550 A with

  • integrated soldering station and TECH TOOL
  • Precision placement system PL 550 A
  • Reflow process camera (RPC)
  • Vacuum station with Vacuum pipette
  • PCB holder
  • Cooling fan
  • Flexpoint TC holder and AccuTC
  • Frame grabber PCI Express
  • Rework software IRSoft

We are pleased to invite you to Komax' Cable&Wire In House Show in Dierikon (Swiss) from 22-24 October

Please send us an e-mail for more details :