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  • SAKI's 3D CT X-ray Technology Enables Full Inspection of Inline Volume Production

    Posted: 16 September 18
    By Yasuo Watabe, Saki Corporation Abstract Recent dramatic progress in IT has removed the differences between developed and developing countries, driving manufacturing industry needs to correspond to increased global competition. In other words, a more global production system has to be developed to manufacture high quality products, with shorter lead-times and low cost, to address the increased diversity in electrical product specifications. To realize the above, the following are necessary: A...
  • EPAC ready for further growth with second Pick & Place

    Posted: 04 September 18
    EPAC is an electronic contract manufacturer located in Weert, The Netherlands. This year EPAC realizes a growth of 40% compared to last year. A Key factor of EPAC is their “flexible attitude” without concessions on quality. The outcome of this is the need for more capacity in placing SMD components. Therefore, SMANS NV has installed the second Pick & Place machine in three years. Pick & Place machines crucial to growth Three years ago, SMANS NV installed the first P&P machine: a...
  • Flipping station and polarization test in one position for manual Pick & Place; Easy, fast, flexible and cost-effective

    Posted: 27 August 18
    Anybody who works with loose components by prototyping knows the problem. Not for nothing the term „bird food“ is in use: Particles are lying total accidentally in confusion, partly on the bottom. Or the components are in the right position but the user has to flip them because the sign of polarization is on the bottom side – important especially for LEDs. The FRITSCH company from Utzenhofen/Oberpfalz developed a cost-effective solution to sort the crowd „bird food“ fast and easy. With a...
  • BEA SA: Soldering Machine was the easiest choice, Ersa Selective soldering machine (Versaflow) is another level

    Posted: 16 August 18
    BEA SA produces their electronics in-house since the beginning of January 2018. These electronics are being used for the sensor systems they sell. Many different and difficult choices had to be made during the construction of the production line. The soldering process was the easiest choice that had to be made, in hindsight. Using industry 4.0 as a starting point for the production line, it was easy to choose selective soldering. Different soldering machines were compared, however, the Ersa...
  • AQUBE® MV8 sTWIN - Parallel or sequential cleaning of two stencils

    Posted: 31 July 18
    The new kolb AQUBE® systems are next-generation cleaning systems - even more efficient, even more compact, easy to handle and maintain, pre-equipped for extended water management and ready for the smart factory (SF ready). AQUBE® MV8 sTWIN is a high-end dual chamber PowerSpray® system for the thorough parallel or squential cleaning of two stencils, which provides excellent cleaning results in a short cycle time. AQUBE® MV8 sTWIN cleans two stencils up to 900 x 800 mm (35 "x 32"), making it...



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