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  • BERI.CO.MAX V2: A wire stripping machine designed for special cables (high voltage)

    Posted: 15 June 18
    We are glad to present the completely revised BERI.CO.MAX V2. This video presents the most important technical functions and characteristics. The BERI.CO.MAX V2 is a coax machine for big cables and designed for the precise stripping of coax cables from about 1,0 mm (0.04”) up to 24,0 mm (0.95”) OD and for stripping length up to 100,0 mm (3.94”). This machine allows an operating range unique up to now. Coaxial-cable stripping machine outer diameter up to 0.95″ (24,0 mm) stripping length up to 3....
  • Quality-Driven Production Drives Inspection and Measurement in M2M Communication

    Posted: 13 June 18
    By Yasuo Watabe, Saki Corporation Quality is more important than ever, as the electronics industry faces new technologies, market realities and the race toward the smart factory, with its Industry 4.0 and machine-to-machine (M2M) initiatives. It is relatively easy for machines to connect, but it is the communication of real-time, valid and accurate data that is key to M2M communication. Absolute precision is required. With the introduction of Saki’s fifth generation 3D 3Di automated optical...
  • Handling high-density boards that feature exotic components Investing for the future in Haaksbergen pays off

    Posted: 07 June 18
    Back in 2014, Netherlands-based contract manufacturer, Global Electronics made the decision to invest in surface mount assembly technology that would give capacity it didn’t need to meet its customers’ requirements at that moment. Instead, the decision was based on a forward-looking  philosophy to position the company for the “right kind of business” in the future. For Global Electronics, that future has since arrived, and it turns out to be a bright future. The company, based at Haaksbergen in...
  • SMT Hybrid Packaging: SMANS NV helpt u graag

    Posted: 24 May 18
    Van 5 tot en met 7 juni 2018 vindt de SMT Hybrid Packaging plaats in Nürnberg. Zo’n 15.000 bezoekers komen naar deze beurs om kennis te maken met de laatste SMT-ontwikkelingen.De 450 exposanten zullen de bezoekers niet teleurstellen. 11 van deze exposanten worden door SMANS NV in de Benelux vertegenwoordigd:Asscon, CAB, Europlacer, Ersa, Essegi, Fritsch, Hanwha, Kolb Cleaning, PVA, Saki en Speedprint. Bezoekt u de beurs en bent u benieuwd naar wat onze leveranciers u te bieden hebben? SMANS NV...
  • VERSAFLUX Flux Module VERSAFLEX Solder Module

    Posted: 18 May 18
    Individual adjustment of flux spray heads or solder pots in x/y/z-direction for a revolutionary level of flexibility and highest soldering quality. Due to increasing product changes in electronics production, it is necessary to exchange solder nozzles or readjust flux spray heads or solder pots by hand. The revolutionary VERSAFLUX flux module and VERSAFLEX solder module, which are available for VERSAFLOW 4, set entirely new standards with regard to flexibility and throughput. The VERSAFLUX...