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  • Komax Microlab 55 brings quality control WAAK to a new level

    Posted: 02 July 18
    WAAK Electrical Wiring Systems has been a supplier of cabling for more than fifty years. Supplying quality is very important to WAAK. The quality control WAAK was using was out-dated and needed replacement. WAAK has asked Smans to get the quality control ready for the future. At the start of 2018, Smans supplied the Komax Microlab 55, which enabled the new quality control. The results are visible immediately. The Microlab 55 ensures better visual imaging, faster processing and analysis (more...
  • Komax Microlab 55 brengt kwaliteitscontrole WAAK naar nieuw level

    Posted: 02 July 18
    WAAK Elektrische Bedradingssystemen is al meer dan 50 jaar toeleverancier van bekabeling. Het leveren van kwaliteit is voor WAAK zeer belangrijk. De kwaliteitscontrole van WAAK was verouderd en aan vervanging toe. WAAK heeft de experts van Smans ingeschakeld om de kwaliteitscontrole klaar te maken voor de toekomst. Begin 2018 heeft Smans de Komax Microlab 55 geleverd en daarmee is de nieuwe kwaliteitscontrole een feit. De resultaten zijn direct zichtbaar. De Microlab 55 zorgt voor een betere...
  • 100% functional testing wasn’t an option, Saki 3D AOI makes PCBA functional testing practically unnecessary

    Posted: 28 June 18
    Since the beginning of 2018 BEA SA produces their own circuit boards, after outsourcing this to China for fifteen years. This was only possible of personnel costs were kept as low as possible. 100% functional testing of the electronics wasn’t possible to close the business case. Smans’ s advice to invest in Saki 3D AOI was an excellent choice. In the first period of production all circuit boards have been functionally tested as well as with the Saki 3D AOI. The functional tests didn’t find any...
  • Invitation Smans SMT Inhouse Show

    Posted: 26 June 18
    Smans cordially invites you to our event Total Solutions in SMART SMT Assembly. At the 18th, 19th and 20th of September 2018, we will demonstrate all our solutions, so we can give you a clear view of all possibilities we have to offer you. You can also count on expert advice from our employees and suppliers (Asscon, Europlacer, Speedprint, Frtisch, Kolb, Kurtz Ersa, Essegi, Saki, Hanwa and PVA). You can enjoy our catering during the day to make your visit more enjoyable. We hope to see you then...
  • twinALL - The flexible double-pack! (dispensing and pick & place)

    Posted: 25 June 18
    Perfectly matched to the 40 th anniversary the FRITSCH company offers an effective solution for flexible and enlarged production throughout with the new twinALL. twinALL means the connection of two full-automatic machines with the help of a coordinated inline-system. The link of the dispenseALL with the placeALL® enables high-flexible dispensing and pick & place. The dispenseALL can be equipped with various dispensing valves.Touchless jetting of solder paste reduces the costs of stencils...