Introduction of ionising radiation into SMT

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Brief description

Ionising radiation or X-ray can be used to count components on a reel very quickly or to reveal hidden defects on finished boards.

You don’t have to attend this training in a protective suit, we keep it completely safe. You will be introduced to ionising radiation and its use in an SMT environment. We will cover the properties, occurrence in nature, artificial radiation, protective equipment and practical applications.


  • Types of radiation
  • Penetration capacity
  • Absorption
  • Naturally occurring
  • Artificial generation
  • Types of radiation sources
  • Practical applications


Documentation is provided
Dates* to be decided
Price on request
Location in our Smans Technology Center or at your company
Number of participants max. 8
Participant level no prior knowledge required
Target group newly recruited personnel or personnel from other departments who want to acquire basic knowledge

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