Stencil printing SMT

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Brief description

A complete overview of printing solder paste in a typical SMT stencil printer. It describes the different movements, their mutual relationship and the materials used. Terms such as fine-pitch, stencil thickness, stepped stencils, laser cut, etc. are explained


  • Relationship of the parameters
  • Stencil material
  • Stencil structure
  • Apertures
  • Reduction
  • Alignment
  • Solder mask
  • Print gap
  • Support
  • Squeegee material
  • Squeegee angle
  • USC
  • Pin-in paste


Documentation is provided
Dates* 13/05/2021
Price on request
Location in our Smans Technology Center or at your company
Number of participants max. 8
Participant level basic prior knowledge SMD recommended
Target group experienced personnel

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