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VDL TBP Electronics invests in efficient high-end selective soldering machine

VDL TBP Electronics - Versaflow 4/55 UU selectief soldeermachineMan and machine work together in the best possible way with the new ERSA Versaflow selective soldering machine.

After a thorough evaluation process in collaboration with SMANS, VDL TBP Electronics has invested in the smart and fast selective soldering machine ERSA VERSAFLOW 4/55 UU with four fully-independent soldering pots.

This advanced selective soldering machine is already installed and operational and offers the following benefits:

  • fiducial recognition;
  • two independent flux heads, controlled by laser technology;
  • top heating unit above the 2 separate soldering modules, this keeps the pcba’s at the right temperature to guarantee a stress-free optimal soldering connection;
  • barcode scanning for mixed production;
  • thanks to the chosen smart configuration, a soldering process that is up to 4x faster.

Efficient soldering line

The VERSAFLOW 4/55 is equipped with a multi-magazine loader and unloader from YJLINK, which automatically follows the correct width setting. The result is a hightly efficient selective soldering line, located in the centre of the production floor, allowing employee and machine to work together optimally.

Growing portfolio

To facilitate the growing portfolio and reshoring, perfect control of the production processes is a necessity. Professional competence and a quick response are guaranteed at Smans and ERSA. Thanks to the cooperation with these parties, they will be able to supply even more customers with very high-quality soldered PCBAs (printed circuit board assemblies) in the future.

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