Whitepaper | SMD Production – NOT made in China

More purchasing and production closer to home give us more security and make us independent of a few superpowers. But what about the cost Preview whitepaper reshoring price? Aren’t they much higher given the high labour costs in Western Europe?

To be able to compete in this reshoring, we need to “use the necessary hands as optimally as possible”, but how do we go about this?

In this whitepaper you can find:

  • A roadmap to optimise your SMD production process
  • The answer to the question if a complete SMD production line should be of the same brand

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Whitepaper | Save energy in your production process with vapor phase

In times when energy is very precious and we have to take care of nature, it pays to take a closer look at your existing soldering processes for Preview whitepaper save energy with vapor phase SMD / SMT components. The vapour phase process offers a perfect alternative with the advantage of requiring up to 75% less electrical power.

In this whitepaper we discuss:

  • The vapor phase towards conventional convection system
  • Clean vacuum technology
  • Saving energy with LMPA

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Whitepaper | Growing in times of electrical components scarcity

The global supply chain of electronic components has been under enormous pressure for some time now. Preview_componentenschaarste_EN

Components are hard to get and prices are skyrocketing. Experts say that we should not delude ourselves too much that this issue will resolve itself in the near future. This is because the need for a microchip, for example, is constantly increasing. The world is becoming more and more digital, which means that more intelligent electronics will be needed.

In this whitepaper, we will discuss in detail:

  • The importance of real-time stock management
  • Plan of action
  • Using fewer components in your assembly

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Whitepaper | Ferrules are scarce – Challenge or opportunity?

A product that has recently been in remarkable short supply in the cable and wire processing sector is the wire end sleeve or ferrule. Insulated end sleeves offer additional protection when processing electronic conductors. The plastic housing provides additional stability and durability for electronic applications with vibrations or shocks. An indispensable product for machine builders or OEMs!

Unfortunately, lately it has been quite a challenge to purchase these ferrules. There is a clear shortage on the market. In addition, the price of the end sleeves that are in stock has risen enormously.

In this whitepaper, we briefly discuss

  • the cause of this shortage
  • 2 interesting and feasible solutions
  • an interesting alternative explained

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