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Autosplice – ACS2000

The Autosplice ACS2000 is an advanced, flexible splice interconnect applicator.

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Designed and tested throughout Europe, this proven platform provides reliable repeatable performance across a wide spectrum of interconnect challenges, such as: wire to wire (solid or stranded);wire to switch or component lead to switch; wire or component lead to flex circuit; wire or lead to flex circuit; wire or lead to PCB; flex circuit to PCB.


– Servo Motor Drive technology
– Five piece modular tooling for quick application set-up, changeover and maintenance
– LED illuminated work area
– Micro-adjust spliceband feed mechanism (increments of .05 mm, .002″)
– Digital Crimp Height adjustments (increments of .01 mm, .0004″)
– Dual plate feeder eliminates damage to spliceband by rollers
– Programmable splice preselect function counts down and stops at end of job
– CE Certified

Length310 mm
Width560 mm
Height500 mm
Weight51 kg
Compressed airYes
Min. Cross-section0.14 mm²
Max. Cross-section8 mm²

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