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Ersa – HR600/2

The HR600 is a professional, automated rework of sub-assemblies for the electronic industry.

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The task formulated for the Ersa HR 600/2 Hybrid Rework System was to offer professional, automated rework of sub-assemblies for the electronic industry. With the system now at hand, almost all high pin-out components that may be found on modern board assemblies, and of virtually any shape, can be reliably reworked. The core competencies of this universal rework system are the placement of components, their lifting off and their controlled setting down, as well as the soldering process.
Special attention was placed on the automation of the individual process steps. All operations can be controlled in a step-by-step mode by the op
erator himself, or they can be combined to automated operation, requiring very few interventions by the operator.

To preheat the complete board area of the assembly mounted in the board holder, the system utilizes highly dynamic IR-heating elements in the lower heater cassette. A hybrid heating head combines the heat transfer method of IR radiation with that of convection heating for a targeted, and therefore highly efficient, warming of the components to be worked on. Applying this method, quick and top-quality desoldering and soldering result are being achieved. An optional Reflow-Process-Camera (RPC) with LED illumina
Automatic desolderingLaser marking of the targeted position Automatic component placement
High-End Rework: automated assembly repair – flexible, efficient, reliable!
Technical Highlights Automated component placement Automated desoldering and soldering process Hybrid heater head with two heating zones for effective heat transfer Extensive, powerful IR-bottom side heating cassette with 3 zones Non-contact temperature measurement with digital sensor Two K-type thermocouple inputs Accu-TC sensor Effective assembly cooling with compressed air
tion is available for process monitoring and documentation. Placement of the components is a largely automatic process; the integrated image processing software assesses data of images generated by the two cameras installed. The required component position is automatically calculated, and the component is placed, independent of an operator, using a vacuum pipette mounted on an axis-system.
The system is prepared for the mounting of the Ersa Dip & Print frame. Printing the solder paste onto the component takes place externally on the Dip & Print Station; dipping the component into the flux depot is equally a fully automated process.

Length850 mm
Width660 mm
Height620 mm
Weight57 kg
Power240 VAC / 50 Hz / 60 Hz
product_maxpcbsize390 x 285
Max, Power3200 W

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