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Ersa – i-CON 2V

Soldering and desoldering stations for the industry.

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Ersa has re-engineered it´s well known and worldwide proven i-CON soldering stations and enhanced their functions. The i-CON 1V as well as the i-CON 2V now comprise the control electronics, already implemented in the i-CON VARIO multi-channel soldering and desoldering stations. For operators multiple new features show up:
The i-CON 1V and i-CON 2V can now operate the new soldering and desoldering tools CHIP TOOL VARIO and X-TOOL VARIO. The compact vacuum untit supplies vacuum for the X-TOOL VARIO or existing X-TOOLs.

In addition, present Ersa soldering tools like the 80 W POWER TOOL can be connected to these stations. The change over from existing Ersa stations to the new i-CONs becomes even more attractive. Totally, the i-CON 1 V and 2V control units are able to drive eight different Ersa soldering tools.

Moreover, this new control electronics is a next generation technology: Besides the intelligent power management they provide the micro-SD
memory card technology. It allows to update the soldering station´s software. Future soldering tools and additional functions can be used with the existing hardware.

Ersa underlines with these soldering stations technological leadership for its customers benefit. Only if it is an i-CON, it is an i-CON!

Length150 mm
Width175 mm
Height105 mm
Weight3.7 kg
Power240 VAC / 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Max, Power120 W

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