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Eurocab – NPU010

The universal press N.P.U. 010 is a crimping pneumatic patented device.

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A Eurocab 2009 patented compact pneumatic device which is particularly useful when required to crimp an extensive range of insulated and uninsulated terminals.

Its fundamental feature that makes this device the first of its kind is the presence of only one die set and one opening located at the front which allows for all types of crimp terminals from 0.14 to 10 mm² section to be used without incurring the problem of using the wrong die or having to change the die set. This device offers an exceptional efficiency and a much simpler use compared to any other pneumatic or manual tool used for crimping. Furthermore, particular skills are not needed when using the device. The crimping conforms to regulations regarding the traction grip. (IEC 60999-10)

The device is pedal activated and comes complete with connections ready for a pneumatic system. It is made from the finest materials available which help to minimize maintenance and down time that in turn increases production and safety. The pressure regulators (found on the right side of the device) are set during the test phase and then require no further adjustments. However, if necessary there are manual adjustments that allow you to customize the regulator to your desired pressure.

Length135 mm
Width125 mm
Height185 mm
Weight3.5 kg
Compressed airYes
Min. Cross-section0.14 mm²
Max. Cross-section6 mm²

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