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Giebler – 2-K-DOS

The 2-K-DOS mixing and dispensing system quickly and exactly mixes and dispenses 2-component casting compounds and adhesives with a polyurethane, epoxy or silicon base. Thanks to its modular design, the device can be adapted to a very wide range of applications.

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The 2-K-DOS unit quickly and exactly mixes and dispenses a multitude of 2-component casting compounds and adhesives.
The mixture ratio, dispensing rate and dispensed amount can be selected with a high level of resolution and consequently guarantee precise mixing and dispensing at all times.
The unit mixes the mixture exactly at all times and supplies a mixture that is free of air bubbles.
A computer-controlled process feeds the two components, which are stored in material containers integrated in the device, through a flexible tube and to the dispensing head where an easy-to-exchange static mixer mixes them.

The device can help solve the widest range of sealing jobs thanks to the various configurations made possible by the modular design, the various addon devices and the accessories.

Special functions
– Operation with keyboard and display, menu-driven and password-protected
– Level monitoring system
– Working life alarm with automatic rinsing of the mixing nozzle
– Storage of up to 99 different mixing and dispensing programs

Application areas
– Sealing electronic assemblies and components
– Sealing partitioning seams
– Applying sealing and adhesive beads and coatings

Depth320 mm
Width320 mm
Height700 mm
Weight35 kg
Power230 VAC
Compressed airNo

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