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Giebler – LOAD-DOS

LOAD-DOS is a station for automatically loading 2-component casting compounds from 200-litre barrels or similar large containers into the containers of mixing and dispensing devices such as the 2-K-DOS.

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The LOAD-DOS automatically
fills the containers of the 2-KDOS
mixing and dispensing
device from 200-litre barrels or
other large containers.
The two containers with the two
components are located on a
safety tank with a back wall as
the support for the necessary
Three possible modules are
available for conveying the
1. For 200-litre barrels with resin,
the cover of the barrel is
replaced with a pneumatically
raised stainless steel cover that
supports the pneumatic pump
for conveying the compound
and also a stirring unit, if
2. Barrels with hardeners are
generally delivered in bunghole
drums. Here a pneumatic pump with an immersion tube for the
bung hole conveys the hardener.
3. Smaller hardener containers
can be placed into a pressure
tank and conveyed with the
applied air pressure.

Depth900 mm
Width1300 mm
Height1850 mm
Weightmin. 400 kg
Power230 VAC / 50 Hz
Compressed airYes

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