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Kabatec – KTHB Micro

The KTHB Micro makes taping and spot taping incredibly easy, even on the assembly board.

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The first step towards reproducible quality compared
with manual taping: The KTHB Micro tapes wires with
a simple hand movement. The machine is moved into
the wire and the rotating movement attaches the adhesive tape to the wire.

Once taped, you simply pull the
machine off the wire and the adhesive tape is cut with
a push of a button. The KTHB Micro is then immediately
ready for use again. No creases or wrinkles thanks to
a constant tension applied to the tape. And, if required,
tape is overlapped with a consistent, equally spaced

Small, lightweight and intuitive to use: The KTHB Micro
has been specifically designed as an entry-level device
for wire harness production on the routing board. It is
also ideal for small batches and prototypes. The machine
produces excellent spot tapes and short taping.
The KTHB Micro has low initial investment costs.
Continual, non-stop taping also helps to cut production
times. KABATEC offers an exclusive taping machine
which considerably improves quality in manual wire
harness production.

Depth160 mm
Width35 mm
Height250 mm
Weight0.38 kg
Compressed airNo

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