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Kabatec – KTR 10

Compact, user-operated taping machine for simple and prefixed cable harnesses

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The KTR 10 is an attractive entry-level model which
makes machine taping child’s play. The compact
and operator-controlled taping machine is ideal for
the production of simple wire harnesses without
branches or with branches directly on the plug.

Wires and long branches pre-fixed with spot tapes
can also be taped quickly and precisely. The length
of the tape is not limited – the KTR 10 specializes
in processing meter-length wires.

The roller pre-feed can be set from 0 to
70 millimeters per bundling head rotation.
This ensures precise overlapping on request –
with minimum operator influence.
The start and end of the windings can be
produced by opening the pre-feed. If the pre-feed
is set larger than the tape width, a saving tape is
produced. The wire harness is wound in a spiral
and formed.

Simple, fast and economical: The winding speed of
the KTR 10 is two to three times faster compared
to hand-guided devices. The low consumption of
material is also an advantage: The KTR
10 consumes up to 25 percent less tape than with
manual taping. The classic taping device from
KABATEC thus guarantees maximum productivity

Depth832 mm
Width657 mm
Height645 mm
Weight145 kg
Compressed airNo

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