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Kolb Cleaning Technology – AF 75

For bulk cleaning of condensation traps

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kolb AF75 is a state of the art one chamber system with the economic and environmentally friendly AirFlow® turbulence air-in-immersion technology and ClosedLoop water reprocessing. The device is especially designed for the bulk cleaning of condensation traps and filters. It cleans traps of virtually all manufacturers from condensate from flux, oil, dust, grease.

In the fully automatic kolb AF75 filters are cleaned, rinsed and dried in one single process chamber, which is empty during the loading (no contact to the detergent). The filters are loaded into a washing basket lifted into the chamber with a crane. The cleaning chamber is pressure flooded with fine filtered cleaning fluid from a separate releasing 1000 l LBC container (Tank A) in a PLC-controlled process. After the goods are cleaned, the likewise within the ClosedLoop unit filtered rinsing media, e.g. water, is pumped into the process chamber from another 1000 l IBC tank (Tank B). After the goods are pressure rinsed and the rinse media is pumped out they will be dried with a 3-fold HotSpeed warm air dryer unit.

The system is (in series use) perfectly suited for the construction of complete washing centers that comply with the latest technical state of the art (e.g. ZeroWater technology) and can deliver extremely high throughput quantities.

Length2860 mm
Width940 mm
Height1620 mm
Weight820 kg
Power400 V / 3 / N / PE - 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Compressed airYes

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