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Komax Belgium nv – Laser marking

Laser marking is one of the fastest marking processes available in the market, without usage of additives e.g. ink or any other undesirable
substance. The laser beam does not wear, it produces a highly accurate, repeatable marking time after time. Laser marking is therefore the
most economical solution when wires or cables must be identified.

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– Marking Versatility: Text, logos, barcodes, time, date, and even sequencing serial numbers for each wire In-line Integration
– Decreases Handling and Increases
– Efficiency: Cables are automatically positioned and lasered thereby eliminating placement errors and reducing labor costs.

• Ergonomic laser marking workstation.
• Vertical slide door for easy access.
• Easy to use with minimal setup requirements.
• Static and on the fly wire marking

• Very accurate
• Readability: high resolution, extreme contrast = Great accessibility
• Low heat conduction. Vast product tolerances = Versatile and unerasable
• The interaction between laser beam and material evaporates, engraves or colours the material giving the material an extreme contrast mark that is not removable. (resistant against e.g. water, chemicals, mechanical wear, heat, hold and UV radiation).

Power230 V / 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Compressed airNo

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