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Komax – Harness Manufacturing Zeta 620

The compact entry-level model for automatic harness production.

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The compact, fully automatic Zeta 620 wire processing machine produces entire parts lists and stores wires sorted and labeled, all in the tightest of spaces. Tried and tested Zeta technology and attractive module options simplify production considerably and ensure noticeable time and cost savings. Take advantage of this low-cost entry point into automation and secure a significant competitive advantage, both now and in the future.

Time savings of up to 50%
Manual processes cost time. The Zeta 620 reduces manual work to a minimum. It automatically assembles all wires required and prepares them fully equipped in the correct sequence and length – including labeling and terminals. The wires then only have to be laid at the control cabinet. Manual processes such as cutting to length, stripping, labeling and inserting sleeves are eliminated.

Continuous data flow from ECAD to the machine
Production data can be sent directly to the machine from specific ECAD systems via the Komax WPCS interface. Exporting data from ECAD systems to a cutting list is also possible. This is converted into readable data and inputed, eliminating the need to manually program articles on the machine. This is highly efficient for any batch size – even a batch size of one.

Consistently high quality thanks to automation
Fully automatic production guarantees reproducible, consistent quality. Automated data transfer eliminates sources of error, as no manual input is required at the machine.

Wire bundles simplify subsequent wiring in the control cabinet
Depending on the job, wires can be produced, sorted and bundled in an ideal sequence, in one process step. The wire bundles make it quicker and easier to lay wires in the control cabinet. Batches can be taken out in advance while production is running. The binder type is freely defined for each wire, independent of the production mode (batch or sequence production).

Reliable sequential processing
The special cutting head with three pairs of blades allows cross-sections from 0.5 to 6 mm² to be processed perfectly in sequence. High-quality, durable blades and components allow high processing speeds, which shortens throughput times accordingly.

Required materials available at any time
Versatile control cabinet construction requires many different materials, such as wire types and ferrules. These are available on the Zeta 620 without the need for changeovers. The automatic wire changer contains up to 24 different wires from the entire cross-­section range. The automated marking system labels the wires optimally and the ferrule module then fits them with up to five different ferrules.

Wires equipped easily with five different ferrules
The CM F20 is an attractive, flexible solution for control cabinet construction. Five different taped ferrules with cross-sections of 0.5 – 2.5 mm² and crimp lengths of 8 or 10 mm can be processed quickly and easily in sequence. Special ferrules (Multinorm, AWG) are also not a problem. The ferrule rollers are inserted without tools or component changeovers. The touch display is intuitively designed. A two-stage process ensures reliable processing. Automatic cable centering adjusts to the cross-­section. The CM F20 is a high-performance ferrule module that is easily integrated into a fully automatic Komax machine such as the Zeta 620.

DLW – the simple alternative
For automation of the control cabinet construction process, an important requirement is to collect the production data, including the wire length. DLW (digital lean wiring) software developed by Komax offers the ideal solution for this with its clear focus on simplicity and flexibility.

Virtual wiring
On the basis of a photo or a 2D drawing, technicians can complete the wiring virtually on a screen using DLW. This is a highly efficient method of determining the wire lengths per connection. The production data is then converted and loaded onto the wire processing machine, which produces the wires ready for installation.

Weight700 kg
Compressed airYes
Min. Cross-section0.5 mm²
Max. Cross-section6 mm²
Max. outside diameter6 mm
Shortest wire lengths240 mm

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