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Komax – Inkjet M1630

The M1630 Jet is a compact inktjet marker.

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Wire marking presents special challenges. To master those challenges with perfection, Komax offers a state-of-the-art, compact inkjet marker with the M1630 Jet. It is completely integrated in the machine control system and unlocks a variety of advantages with special functions, low operating costs, high availability and user-friendly operation. Komax creates the ideal conditions for meeting expanding requirements in the field of wire marking, such as ensuring the traceability of wire harnesses in autonomous vehicles. The M1630 Jet is the market leader’s answer to the rising demand for marked wires.

Strengths of the continuous inkjet method
The continuous inkjet method is particularly ideal
– When manufacturing costs are crucial
– With high unit volumes and critical machine performance
– With frequently changing print contents
– With wires that are not suitable for laser marking

Extremely user- and maintenance-friendly
Inks and make-up can be refilled during ongoing operation. The RFID reader checks the modules and warns of errors. For local operation, 7.0- and 10.4-inch color touch panels are available. Multiple network-integrated printers can be operated simultaneously from a single panel – for instance two printers on one trolley. The printers can also be conveniently operated via internet browser from a console.

The printer is close to maintenance-free.
Swapping out the i-Tech module* for regular maintenance requires no outside assistance and takes just a few minutes. This significantly reduces downtime and eliminates external costs.

* i-Tech is a brand of Domino Ltd. and stands for intelligent technology.

Powerful interaction with the machine
Komax printers are tightly integrated with the machine control system. This enables fast setup and changeover as well as minimal data maintenance costs. All printing data is entered on the machine and stored in the machine database. It can also be transmitted via a network. The printer is automatically configured when the system starts.

Integration enables exceptional system performance: printing speed, for example, is up to 21 % faster than with the predecessor model.
Special functions make the M1630 Jet the printer of choice for wire marking: dynamic time-of-flight compensation ensures consistent character width even during accelerated travel. Wire-centered fonts reduce setup times. Dimensioning from the wire end (reverse dimensioning) simplifies data entry.

Cost-effectiveness, investment security and high availability
Optimizing operating and maintenance costs was a key priority in the development of the M1630 Jet. Because the operator can carry out the maintenance themselves, operating costs are roughly 50 % lower than for the predecessor model. Make-up consumption was substantially reduced and the make-up recuperation option lowers costs even further. These advancements reduce per-wire costs significantly.

Komax M1630 Jet is compatible with current and upcoming Komax machine generations. Mounting and changeover sets are available for all machines. This guarantees the long-term utility of the investment.

The design, manufacturing and maintenance concept are optimized for maximum availability. The number of parts and seals in the ink system has been significantly reduced with a central hydraulic block. Komax offers service and expertise for the entire system from a single source.

Ready for the future
The M1630 Jet is ready for use on machines of the Komax HMI Generation. Networked with a manufacturing execution system (MES), they provide even more efficient production.

The functions of the M1630 Jet have been expanded and optimized through the introduction of Komax HMI, which offers more special characters, fonts and bar code types depending on the resolution of the character matrix. The capabilities of the printers are continuously upgraded.

M1630 Jet can also, independently of a machine, be used to mark housings, connectors, circuit boards and other parts, thereby providing significant additional benefits.

Available in three versions
– M1630 Jet BC as the standard version for dye-based and lightly pigmented inks
– M1630 Jet P for highly pigmented inks, e.g. white, gray and blue
– M1630 Jet S for small fonts on wires up to 0.13 mm²

Length430 mm
Width381 mm
Height589 mm
Weight22 kg
Power240 VAC / 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Compressed airNo

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