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Komax – Kappa 340

The versatile Kappa 340 is ideally equipped for all the challenges of modern wire processing, both now and in the future: It has a standard powerful dual cutting head combined with a rotary incision unit.

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Together with its high-torque belt drive, it handles complex processing sequences quickly and efficiently. A two-stage length measuring system ensures precise wire processing even in the most
difficult processing situations. Komax Kappa is synonymous with speed, efficiency and reliability. With intuitive operation, sophisticated technology and innovative refinements, the Kappa 340 is a safe investment.

Optional slitting unit
The fully programmable optional slitting unit allows production of intermediate strips. Long sheath pieces needing to be stripped can also be slit for an easier stripping process. The combination of dual cutting head, rotary cutting unit and slitting unit means up to four different process positions can be controlled for one wire.

Sensor technology
Thanks to automatic wire diameter and cross-section detection, it is quick and easy to set up and parameterize new wire materials. This unique measuring principle reduces what was previously a time-consuming set-up to an absolute minimum. The optical wire detector also makes cut losses a thing of the past. The same sensor continuously monitors the processing during production, enabling wire ends and transport errors to be recognized as early as possible.

Peripherals and interfaces
Integration of wire feed systems, different pressure systems, active deposit units and much more is standardized and therefore extremely easy. Data backup, software updates and the import of CSV product data are all carried out via a USB stick. Furthermore, the Kappa 340 can also be connected to TopWin Kappa.

TopWin Kappa – perfectly networked
The TopWin Kappa operating software enhances the capabilities and functionality of Kappa machines via a clear-to-use PC user interface. Using TopWin Kappa allows inkjet, laser and label printers to be programmed and controlled. It is also possible to choose between different production philosophies, such as sequence production, parts-list, harness processing mode and multi-lead sets. TopWin Kappa can be easily integrated into networks via the WPCS interface, including existing user networks. The production-control room software also enables centralized data management, production control and monitoring.

Enormous versatility
The Kappa 340 is designed for cutting to length and stripping wires with a cross section of 0.22 – 70 mm² (AWG 24–2). The cable range includes shielded multi-pole conductors, HV, battery and sensor wires up to 16 mm outer diameter and ribbon cables up to 16 mm wide. Two blade positions (dual head) are available for different V-blades, V-radius blades and/or optional form blades with support plates – ideal for the widest possible range of applications. The optional rotary incision unit (RIU) is a strong performer especially in complex wire sheathing and shorter changeover times.

Precise and careful processing
A strong belt drive with a lot of torque and a long belt support surface enables careful transport of the wire with a high power transmission. Any slip is measured and compensated by the length measuring system. It is recommended in particular for precise and clean wire printing.

Optional separation unit
The optional separation unit separates multiple inner conductors quickly and carefully – with no loss in quality. Using the patented Komax roller system, the inner conductors are pressed apart with great care. The forward and reverse function of the rolls allows even short wires to be processed with ease.

Power230 V / 50 - 60 Hz
Compressed airNo
Min. Cross-section0.22 mm²
Max. Cross-section70 mm²
Max. outside diameter16 mm
Max, wire transport speed4 m/s
Inner conductor processingyes

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