Product detail

  • Wire Stripper for multi-conductor processing
  • Komax Mira 340 robust cutting head with rotating 4x blades
  • Maximum precision because of rotary precision

Komax – Wire Stripper MIRA 340 / 340Q

The Mira 340/340Q is fitted with a rotary head with 4X-blades and offers unique functions designed to reduce production time and increase quality.

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The programmable Mira 340/340Q is designed for universal use while maintaining maximum precision. It is perfect for processing wires and insulation material with demanding requirements. The Mira 340/340Q is fitted with a rotary head with 4X-blades and offers unique functions designed to reduce production time and increase quality. As a result, a single machine can be used for a huge range of applications. Thanks to sequential processing, multi-conductor cables and multi-layer insulation material can be processed quickly, thereby saving time. Meanwhile, its ease of use increases productivity.

A broad range of applications with a single machine
Mira 340/340Q covers a large span of wire specifications up to 16 mm² conductor cross section (AWG 5) and up to 72 mm strip length. It strips, trims and twists wires and cables with maximum precision. Even demanding insulating materials such as tough Teflon®, strong Kapton® and pliable silicon can be processed.

Outstanding stripping quality
Mira 340/340Q features a unique and robust cutting head design. The wire stripper combines a rotary incision with four intersecting blades to provide a strong and balanced grip when pulling off insulation. The 4x-blades allow for a high level of stripping quality and a broad application range. Special capabilities like the offset pull-off with pre-pull function prevent nicks and scratches. When using offset pull-off, a cushion of insulation remains between the blades and the conductor. Every wire and every sequence can be stored in the article library to reduce errors and reproduce recorded articles at any time.

Special features for enhanced productivity
The wire stripper covers many wire types, eliminating the need to set up different equipment. All settings can be saved in libraries. This way, the operator can retrieve the processing parameters at any time using search and filter functions.

Password-protected access prevents unwanted changes. Because of the Mira 340’s sequential processing, the operator can prepare several processing steps that are executed in a single run. Intermediate adjustments are unnecessary. Stripping of the jacket, stripping and twisting of the inner conductors of a multi-core cable, and stripping of multi-layer insulations are all possible. The barcode scanning speeds up data entry. Using a barcode reader the article number can be imported automatically and error-free.

Mira 340/340Q features a quick mode. By switching off the rotation, the wire stripper becomes as fast as a V-blade machine. An integrated air jet cleans the blades automatically and quickly to prevent operator interference.

Cutting-edge ergonomic design and user-friendly interface

A high-resolution touch screen in smartphone format provides quick access to all of the machine’s features. Supported by a dial and help texts, the intuitive user interface is fun to use and simplifies training. The user interface, including hint texts, is provided in a variety of languages, so operators with different preferred languages can use the same machine.

The comfortable wrist cushion enables a relaxed working posture. A well-designed LED lighting illuminates the working area for a better visibility. Because the safety cover can be quickly removed without tools, cleaning and maintenance is much faster and easier. All of the important items like small tools or spare blades are within easy reach in the integrated accessories drawer. An ergonomic handle makes the compact wire stripper Mira 340 highly handy and portable.

Depth473 mm
Width141 mm
Height290 mm
Weight11 kg
Power240 VAC /50Hz / 60Hz
Compressed airOption
Min. Cross-section0.013 mm²
Max. Cross-section16 mm²
Max. outside diameter8 mm
Inner conductor processingNo
Dual HeadNo
Slit unitNo
Coax processingNo

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