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Mecal – Evolution Wire Applicator

A brand new mini applicator line offering the same quality level and reliability over the time of all Mecal’s products.

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The Evolution has been competitively priced, thanks to the specific production technologies adopted that have reduced the production time and made this tool the undisputed reference for the world wide market, both for quality and price. Mini applicator for linked terminals, with thickness < 0.6mm, terminal pitch < 27mm, wire section between 0 and 6mm². Mechanical « side-feed » feeding system (no pneumatic version available) for linked terminals on a reel to be unrolled left to right. Can be supplied either with a continuous or a fourpad regulating head. It is supplied with a non-resettable 7-digit cycle counter, and with both cams either for terminal feeding on upstroke or downstroke. Can be fitted to any crimping press having a crimping height of 135.8mm ± 0.02mm, and can be used in both manual (for bench-top press) and automatic (for cut and strip machine) configuration.

Length144 mm
Depth190 mm
Height145 mm
Weight3 kg
Max. Cross-section6 mm²

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