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Mecal – Restyling Pneumatic Applicator

Mini applicator for linked terminals

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Mini applicator for linked terminals, with thickness < 1.2mm., terminal pitch > 27mm (if the pitch is lower than 27mm, a pneumatic feeding-system version can be supplied upon request), wire section between 0 and 10mm².

Pneumatic « side-feed » feeding system for linked terminals on a reel to be unrolled left to right.
Can be supplied either with a continuous or a four-pad regulating head.
It is supplied with a non-resettable 7-digit cycle counter. Can be fitted to any crimping press having a crimping height of 135.8mm ± 0.02mm, and can be used in both manual (for bench-top press) and automatic (for cut and strip machine) configuration.

Depth105 mm
Width140 mm
Height145 mm
Weight4 kg
Compressed airYes
Max. Cross-section10 mm²

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