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Mecal – Restyling Wire Applicator

The Restyling mechanical-feed applicator crimps on-reel terminals over wires of different sections.

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Restyling applicators are the step after evolution applicators. They are made specially for bigger range terminals and more precise applications.

Its newly conceive cast iron body grants great accessibility and easy adjustments, the replacement of the perishables is facilitated by having them bolted to the front of the tool. The applicator’s non-resettable 7-digit cycle counter facilitates the perishables lifetime evaluation, and two different feeding cams are supplied – for manual (terminal already on the anvil) or automatic (terminal not yet on the anvil) set up.

The Restyling can be ordered either in side-feed (MRS) or end-feed (MRF) configuration, either with the H adjusting head (AMP-style 4-pad) or the J continuous adjusting head (0.01mm resolution, 2.7mm range). Special RSJ, RFJ, RSY and RFY configurations – fitted with adjusting head & fixing baseplate specifically engineered – are available to be fitted to presses with different shut-height, such as Toyojamco JAM (121,00mm) and Yazaki (190,00mm).

Length144 mm
Depth105 mm
Height145 mm
Weight4 kg
Compressed airNo
Max. Cross-section10 mm²

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