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Mecal – TT Crimping Machine

The TT crimping machine is a very compact and light, semi automatic press.

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The TT Crimping Machine is available either in semi-automatic (for bench-top use) configuration or in full automatic (integrated into a cut and strip machine) configuration. Very compact and light, its spheroidal cast iron, one-piece structure offers the highest rigidity for a very stable crimping height values. The standard stroke is 40mm, but other different strokes are available upon request. The 135.8mm ± 0.02mm crimping height (measured from the applicator base plate tot the press T-coupling when at Bottom Dead Center) allows the TT to accept all the mini-style applicators fitted with the standard T-coupling. Upon request, a crimping height continuous regulating system (“TAC TAC”) can be supplied. A proprietary safety cover (standard issue on the semi-automatic configuration) grants the operator a perfect view of the crimping zone while enjoying complete protection from any hazard. Mecal’s own CFA crimp force analyser can be fitted as an option. The semi-automatic configuration (for bench top use) always includes safety cover, reel arm, foot switch according to the international safety standard and CE regulation. Produced under a quality Management System certified to ISO 9001 (TÜV).

Length200 mm
Width300 mm
Height580 mm
Weight41 kg
Power240 VAC / 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Compressed airNo
Min. Cross-section0.14 mm²
Max. Cross-section6 mm²
Crimp force20 kN

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