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Mecalbi – STCS-Vmir

The STCS-VMir is an infrared heat shrink system, equipped with a fast-exchangeable shrinking chamber system to easily change the application. The shrinking chambers are custom designed to perfectly accommodate the parts and protect any sensible component.

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The STCS-VMir is a heat shrink system, based on infrared technology. It´s designed for workbench applications and can process several parts at the same time. The same machine can be used on several applications, since it´s equipped with a fast exchangeable shrinking chamber system. The chambers are designed according with the application specifications, making them ideal for special applications. The STCS-VMir+ has a bigger work area and bigger shrinking chamber (225x100mm).

Depth490 mm
Width560 mm
Height400 mm
Weight32 kg
Power230 V / 50 Hz
Compressed airNo

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