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Rittmeyer – Cable Cleaning Device BERI.CO.CLEAN

Cable Cleaning Device

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The electro-pneumatic BERI.CO.CLEAN and BERI.CO.CLEAN Solid devices have been designed for facilities
responsible for cleaning cables, wires, catheters, etc. in order to vacuum off unwanted particles such as chips,
dust, talcum or any other microparticles.

Especially when working at coaxial wires and high-voltage cables (HV-cables), that is, when cutting and separating
the wire meshes, there come off small and very tiny chips which have by all means to be avoided since
they may cause malfunction in the subsequent processing procedures.

The handling of these cleaning devices is very simple: Insert the cable and the suction is activated (or, in case
of foot valve: activate suction).

The BERI.CO.CLEAN version has been equipped with a touch-display, with which the suction-duration and
the mode (sensor or foot valve) can be selected. You may use suction nozzles of different diameter, as well as
different filters.

The BERI.CO.CLEAN Solid is a simplified version, reduced to the essential functions, with no display and with
a fixed suction duration. The suction is triggered by the built-in sensor and remains active as long as the medium
is in the device.

The machines have been designed for wires with an external diameter of ca. Ø 19,0 mm or ca. Ø 31,5 mm.
They permit operating on wires up to ca. 270 mm length. Custom sizes are available on request.

Power240 VAC / 50Hz / 60Hz
Compressed airYes

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