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Rittmeyer – Shield and Braiding Cutting Device BERI.CO.CUT V3

Shield and Braiding Cutting Device

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The electro-pneumatic BERI.CO.CUT V3 is a high-precision cutting machine for braids of coaxial cables and
wires. In particular, the braids of high-voltage cables are cut cleanly, gently, quickly and safely pneumatically.
The working area remains freely accessible for manual handling – such as spreading the braid (except for the
optional braid opener – photo on the reverse) and positioning the cutting tube. The tools can be changed in
seconds. Due to the design, it is not possible to damage a layer under the braid.

Length760 mm
Width410 mm
Height355 mm
Weight39 kg
Power240 VAC / 50Hz / 60Hz
Compressed airYes

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