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Ulmer – Cutting Machine SG400V

The automatic cutter SG400 V have been specially developed for the requirements for cutting large-format cables or cross sections up to 200mm².

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The SG400 and SG400 V cutters have been specially developed for the requirements for cutting large-format cables or cross sections. With their power potential, they are able to cut dimensionally stable hoses up to an outer diameter of 30 mm and cables up to a cross-section of 200 mm² (Cu stranded in SG400 V).

The material feed is implemented by two belts, the coatings of which can be selected specifically for the product in order to generate a reliable friction fit for precise positioning. The required power is provided by a powerful and efficient servo drive. For the processing of pressure sensitive materials, the feed path of the belt can be mechanically limited.

Through the extendable cutting head, knives and guides, for service purposes and product change, can be exchanged quickly. This enables a productive production of even small series.

The built in control makes it possible to start simple productions by entering the length and number of pieces, but also to make product specific adjustments to the system parameters. Furthermore, the PLC offers the capability of controlling printing units, the connection of error detection and other options.

Optionally, it is also possible to connect a PC which is equipped with a cable assembly software in which orders or lists can be created, stored and processed individually.
The software of the cutters also supports the input of jobs by a barcode scanner.

Depth480 mm
Width800 mm
Height600 mm
Weight82 kg
Power240 VAC /50Hz / 60Hz
Compressed airYes
Min. Cross-section0.5 mm²
Max. Cross-section200 mm²
Max. outside diameter30 mm
Shortest wire lengths1 mm
Inner conductor processingNo
Dual HeadNo
Slit unitNo
Coax processingNo

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