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Z+F – AM 04

The AM 04 is an electropneumatic modular stripper-crimper for rapid and reli able processing of loose insulated Z+F ferrules of cross-sections from 4 up to 10 mm2 (AWG 12 – 8) and crimping lengths from 8 up to 18 mm.

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• Electropneumatic stripping and crimping machines
• For rapid and reliable processing of loose insulated Z+F ferrules
• The ferrules are automatically fed by a vibratory unit which is mounted on top of the machine
• Each machine is equipped for one cross-section; adaption to different cross-sections or lengths possible by using the corresponding tools (tool prices on demand)
• Integrated touchscreen display with menu control
• Stripping and crimping range 4.0 mm² (AWG12), 6.0 mm² (AWG10) and 10.0 mm² (AWG8)
• Hanging up ferrule holders
• Tool unit with crimping tool for trapeze crimp
• Stripping unit prepared for standard V – blades

Length530 mm
Width400 mm
Height460 mm
Weight42 kg
Power240 VAC / 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Compressed airYes
Min. Cross-section4 mm²
Max. Cross-section10 mm²

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