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Z+F – Evocut + Evofeed

The electric cutting machine impresses with its compact build, quick processing times and flexible applications.

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Special features:
• Easy operation due to its 5“ display
• Simple insertion of wires
• Horizontal working level for improved insight into the operating area
• Guided conduction of cut wires
• Possibility to generate complete projects on the machine
• Optional extension for multiple infeed with the Z+F EVOFEED
• Full integration into the WPC is possible

Multiple infeed Z+F EVOFEED
By providing up to 12 conductors it is possible to sequentially process complex projects in a simple and effective way. The automatic feeding process makes manual interference obsolete and allows the processing of different cross-sections or colors according to the respective planning. This is very time-saving for the overall process, as individual jobs and projects can be processed autonomously.

The Z+F EVOCUT® in combination with the Z+F EVOFEED are unique on the market and offer advantages which could only be found in fully automatic machines up to this point.

Length300 mm
Width250 mm
Height250 mm
Weight10 kg
Power240 VAC / 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Compressed airNo
Min. Cross-section0.08 mm²
Max. Cross-section2.5 mm²
Max. outside diameter8 mm

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