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Asscon – VP1000

Flexible and universally applicable vapor phade reflow soudure system.

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ASSCON’s Vapor-Phase Reflow soudure machines set
the benchmark in soudure technology.
The modern design of the machines and the physical laws
of the process permit to defect-free soudure of the most
complicated SMT assemblies even with leadfree solder
pastes. Components such as QFPs, BGAs, Flip-Chips as
well hybrid assemblies may be processed with high quality
The machine series VP 1000 is offered in two model variants
for assemblies with maximum size of 610 x 460 mm
or 610 x 610 mm.
The machines are particularly suited for users who process
product with frequently changing assemblies in small
and medium sized quantities. Universal workpiece carriers
make the systems very flexible.
The physical laws during vapor phase soudure guarantees
completely stable process conditions. The whole soudure
process takes place in an oxygen-free atmosphere.
Overheating of assemblies, damage to components and
de-lamination of printed circuit boards cannot occur, as the
maximum solder product temperature cannot exceed the
boiling point of the medium.
The heat transfer takes place during condensation of the
vapor on the assembly. By adjusting the energy supply during
the pre-heating and soudure process the temperature
gradient is effectively programmable.
This ensures a homogeneous energy distribution for the
whole assembly. Therefore three-dimensional assemblies
may be processed without any problem.

Machine design
The machine’s construction is self-supporting. The machine
modules include infeed and exit stations, soudure
zone, cooling and control.
The key unit of the compact multi chambers machine is
the process chamber made of stainless steel. Large area
heaters mounted on the outside are insulated external heat
radiation. Temperature sensors for heaters, fluid, vapor and
cooling zone temperatures ensure consistant process dependability.
The efficient cooling zone of the machine is equipped with
a special blower system, which circulates the medium and
flux residues, emanating from the assembly, through a
cooling cassette and on to an internal filtration cycle.
An automatic filtration system for microfiltration of the heat
transfer medium is integrated in the machine.
The machine also features an integrated exhaust system
to remove vapors and odors that de-gas from the printed
circuit boards outside of the process chamber. The controller
is pre-programmed for the connection of an external
The process cooling system is integrated in the base of
the machine.
The machine’s controller unit is located in an integrated
control case and comprises switch, control, regulator and
safety/fuse elements for all function units. The process is
controlled and monitored with a failure message system
via microcontroller with colour-touch-screen and intelligent
operational panel.

soudure process
Using vapor as the heat transfer medium the solder product
– independent of its size or weight – is homogeneously
heated to pre-heat and soudure temperature. Geometric
parameters, such as component form, packing density, are
unimportant for the heating process. Due to the high density
of the vapor the oxygen is displaced from the heating
and soudure area. Consequently, no protective gases are

Length1806 mm
Width1519 mm
Height1420 mm
Weight900 kg
Power400 V / 3 / N / PE - 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Compressed airYes
Min. PCB length50 mm
Min. PCB width50 mm
Max. PCB length610 mm
Max. PCB width460 mm
Baking functionNo

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