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Asscon – VP310

Mobile usable and conveniently laboratory vapor phase reflow soudure system

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Flexible system concept
The handling of VP 310 is remarkably easy and the oven
provides every user with error-free soudure of top-quality
electronic board assemblies. The flexibility is high for both
the adjustment of soudure parameters of the board assembly
and control of the process. Each individual step can
be initiated manually when needed, such as board loading,
modification of temperature gradient, activation of vapor
generation and the start of the soudure procedure. The
electronic control with its precise sensors for the heating
element and the temperatures of the liquid and the vapor
ensure fully secure operation. Visual process control is
made possible by an inspection window.

After the solder reflow is complete, the process is stopped
by the operator or the oven-inherent function automatic solder
break (ASB). After this, the content of the cooling water
reservoir flows into the cooling coil and cools down the
process medium so that the vapor blanket in the chamber
disperses. Then, the oven can be opened safely for removing
the soldered product.

Optimum results
The electronic board is heated up and soldered homogeneously,
regardless of size and weight, using vapor as the
medium for heat transfer. Consistently uniform heat energy
is distributed across the entire PCB assembly, and even 3D
assemblies can be processed easily and flawlessly.

Length400 mm
Width400 mm
Height400 mm
Weight60 kg
Power240 VAC / 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Compressed airNo
Min. PCB length50 mm
Min. PCB width50 mm
Max. PCB length300 mm
Max. PCB width300 mm
Baking functionNo

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