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Asscon – VP2000

Vapor-phase soldering system for the high volume inline production

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ASSCON vapor phase reflow soldering systems set standards in soldering technology. The
VP 2000 inline series are based on advanced patented high-tech soldering
methods, and offer outstanding soldering quality in large series production.

VP 2000 inline
The innovative inline soldering system for large series usersis
based on the highly successful oxygen-free process
used in all ASSCON soldering systems, in which oxygen
is excluded from the pre-heating and soldering process.
Components are produced in the highest standard of quality.
Production is also supported by dynamic profiling – a
process for automatically controlling the optimum soldering
profile in series production.
The system is designed for bare-board product processing
on large series production lines. Electrically width-adjusted
conveying systems and center support permit fast straightforward
adjustment for flexible production. The system is
modularly designed, and consists of loading station, soldering
and cooling zones.

Optimum temperature control
The use of liquid or vapor for as a mean of energy transmission
is far more effective than convection. The vapor
condenses on the solder product, the condensate encapsulates
it completely, and thus transmits the energy. The
entire pre-heating and soldering process takes place in an
oxygen-free environment. Product overheating, component
damage or PCB delamination cannot occur. An optimum
temperature is automatically guaranteed at all positions on
the product thanks to infinite sensor-based temperature
gradient controlling.

Different models:
Type 100: 750 x 520(mm)
Type 210: 600 x 520(mm)
Type 310: 620 x 620(mm)
Type 410: 620 x 450(mm)

Length5950 mm
Width1485 mm
Height1435 mm
Weight1650 kg
Power400 V / 3 / N / PE - 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Compressed airYes
Min. PCB length50 mm
Min. PCB width50 mm
Max. PCB length750 mm
Max. PCB width620 mm
Baking functionNo

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