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Asscon – VP800

Vapor-Phase Soldering System
For Production, Prototyping and Close-to-Production
Process Qualifications

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Easy flexible operation
The innovative VP800 series concept enables defect free
soldering of even complex SMD components with unleaded
or leaded solder paste in virtually any order. The system is
particulary noted for the simplicity of its mechanical processes.
The operating concept is user friendly throughout,
and includes ease of maintenance.
By separating process and cooling zone, the VP800 soldering
process achieves results worthy of series production
facilities in a compact space. The solder material is loaded
over a lock system at the front. Thanks to an additional top
loading option, higher non-standard products can also be

Optimum temperature control
The use of liquid or vapor for as a mean of energy transmission
is far more effective than convection. The vapor
condenses on the solder product, the condensate encapsulates
it completely, and thus transmits the energy. The
entire pre-heating and soldering process takes place in an
oxygen-free environment. Product overheating, component
damage or PCB delamination cannot occur. An optimum
temperature is automatically guaranteed at all positions on
the product thanks to infinite sensor-based temperature
gradient controlling.

Length1210 mm
Width820 mm
Height1205 mm
Weight310 kg
Power400 V / 3 / N / PE - 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Compressed airYes
Min. PCB length50 mm
Min. PCB width50 mm
Max. PCB length610 mm
Max. PCB width460 mm
Baking functionNo

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