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Ersa – Hotflow 4/26

The Ersa HOTFLOW 4/26 is the flagship of the current Ersa Reflow Soldering System generation.

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The Ersa HOTFLOW 4/26 Reflow Soldering System is of robust design and manufactured entirely from steel, welded air-tight, powder coated and with interior electric cabinet and a PC operating terminal. Features include the motorized hood opening, quick-change convection heater cassettes, multi-level process gas cleaning and a powerful, high-performance cooling zone.

– Reflow soldering system with outstanding thermal performance and an excellent power balance
– Individually controllable process zones via energy-optimized motors
– Multi-level controlled cooling
– Multi-level process gas cleaning with pyrolysis
– Rest-oxygen monitoring and control, low N2 consumption
– Ersa Process Control software (EPC)
– Software to generate temperature profiles
– Multi-track conveyor systems (1-4), 1x fixed, 3x variable
– Thermally invisible center supports
– Low energy consumption in continuous operation
– Patented grip conveyor system for flex boards
– Auto Profiler to off-line and quickly generate temperature profiles

Length1410 mm
Height1500 mm
Weight2800 kg
Power400 V / 3 / N / PE - 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Compressed airYes
Min. PCB length50 mm
Min. PCB width50 mm
Max. PCB lengthNot applicable mm
Max. PCB width560 mm

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