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Ersa – i-CON VARIO 2

Hot air and conductive heat – professional two channel solution

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– Soldering and desoldering station to operate one i-TOOL AIR S and another soldering tool at the same time
– Intelligent power management for dynamic power distribution
– Extremly silent blow air supply for i-TOOL AIR S
– Built in vacuum pump for desoldering tools
– Easy operation – intuitive one touch push button and large multifunctional display
– Different soldering and desoldering tools connectable
– Integrated interface to solder fume extraction unit, heating plate and PC
– USB interface
– Antistatic design

Applications for i-CON VARIO 2
The i-CON VARIO 2 is perfectly suited for all SMT und PTH soldering applications in electronic production, rework and touch-up as well es in R&D. Especially suited for SMT soldering and desoldering are: the hot air tool i-TOOL AIR S and the desoldering tweezers CHIP TOOL VARIO.

The range of application includes smallest SMD chips (0201), all kinds of standard SMD components up to high pin count components like PLCC 84 and high mass solder joints in PTH technology including their desoldering with a solder succing device.

Length180 mm
Width280 mm
Height115 mm
Weight6 kg
Power240 VAC / 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Max, Power200 W

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