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Ersa – Powerflow N2 XXL

The POWERFLOW N2 XXL is a full tunnel nitrogen wave soldering system based on intelligent control algorithms with a maximum working width of 610 mm.

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With the POWERFLOW N2 XXL wave soldering system, Ersa presents the ultimate solution for demanding lead-free wave soldering processes. The high-end system is based on a machine concept with numerous future-oriented and intelligent solutions that provide the user with high added value. The motor-driven fluxer can selectively flux individual areas of the printed circuit board via the intelligent control system. The modular, individually configurable preheating concept ensures optimum energy transfer. A large number of waveformers enable excellent soldering performance for every application. The robust tunnel construction and the sturdy welded frame underline the long service life and good accessibility of the machine.

Length1400 mm
Height1580 mm
Weight3600 kg
Power400 V / 3 / N / PE - 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Compressed airYes
Min. PCB length120 mm
Min. PCB width60 mm
Max. PCB length715 mm
Max. PCB width610 mm

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