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Europlacer – ii-A4

High speed SMT placement

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The high speed smt placement machine ii-A4 is certainly all about raw performance. It deploys four independent gantries, each supports a single Pulsar pipette head. ii-A4 pushes placement speeds into six-figure territory for devices from 01005 profiles up to 13mm x 13mm dimensions. Intelligent placement routines that include fully-optimised pick-to-place head trajectories and patented automatic board stop positioning drive placement speeds up to 104,000cph, yet maintain Europlacer’s acclaimed accuracy.

Over five years in development, the Europlacer design team set out to engineer a new platform that combines very high placement speeds with our legendary placement flexibility and accuracy. As a result, they succeeded with the high speed smt placement Atom.

Therefore, now it’s possible to have a high speed AND flexible solution with no compromise.

Gantries are driven in the x-axis at both ends simultaneously. They use synchronised linear motors with precision encoders. Mechanical deflection is eliminated and most importantly, acceleration is increased by 66% to 2g.

– 264 x 8mm feeders
– 01005 to 13 x 13 mm components
– PCB size up to 2059mm x 715mm
– Component height 7mm
– Component testing capability – with independently verifiable calibration (UKAS / NIST / PTB… etc.) *
– Dispensing – Archimedes or air/time for glue or solder paste *
– Every nozzle position can place all and any component types, for real line balancing and no limitations.
– Odd form & smart nozzle banks *
– ii-A4 104,000CPH Max
* Available options

High speed SMT placement
ii-A4 uses four of our advanced Pulsar Heads and offers out high speed manufacturing (up to 104,000cph).

Atom is the first Europlacer platform to feature a new intelligent conveyor system. This patented technology eliminates mechanical board stops. Instead, atom machines can stop the board at any position under software control. Most importantly, it automatically optimises head travel paths during pick and place cycles and delivers another incremental step in placement performance.

Power400 V / 3 / N / PE - 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Compressed airYes

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