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Kolb Cleaning Technology – AF20

AF20 is a fully automatic one chamber system for all maintenance cleaning tasks. It uses the AirFlow® turbulance air -in-immersion technology.

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kolb AF20 is a state of the art immersion cleaning system with ClosedLoop water reprocessing. It cleans components of flux management systems (cooling units, filters, heat exchangers, containers / plates) of virtually all manufacturers as well as lathe parts, milled parts, die cast components or other bulk good (with washing drum option) from flux, condensate, oil, dust, grease using the economic and environmentally friendly AirFlow® technology.

In the fully automatic AF20 the items are cleaned, rinsed and dried in one single process chamber which is empty during the loading (no contact to the detergent). After placing the goods to be cleaned into the chamber it is pressure flooded with fine filtered cleaning fluid from a separate tank (tank A) through a PLC-controlled process. After the goods are cleaned the likewise filtered rinsing media, e.g. water, is pumped into the process chamber from a second tank. After the rinsing the rinse media is pumped out and the drying with a triple HotSpeed warm air unit starts.

Length1800 mm
Width1100 mm
Height1650 mm
Weight460 kg
Power400 V / 3 / N / PE - 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Compressed airYes

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