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Kolb Cleaning Technology – Aqube MV912 QUAD

Cleaning system for four screens, stencils or PumpPrints

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AQUBE® MV9 QUAD is the only batch system worldwide for process safe fine cleaning of four screens, stencils or PumpPrints in one cleaning cycle. It removes contaminations such as SMD-paste, SMD-adhesive and stabilizer materials. quickly and thoroughly. Ideally suited for large-scale productions with several stencil printers.

This system with its super-large process chamber can supply up to four printers every quarter hour with freshly cleaned and dried stencils or screens.

AQUBE® MV9 QUAD is a German engineered and manufactured machine with ClosedLoop water reprocessing and a two-tank and two separate circuits configuration which ensures short cycle times and makes this system the perfect economic choice for the cleaning of stencils.

The system is the perfectly suited for larger daily amounts of cleaning goods. For smaller quantities or fewer daily cleaning cycles, the kolb PSE 300 stencil mono-cleaning systems are often an even more efficient solution.

Length1700 mm
Width1850 mm
Height2750 mm
Weight920 kg
Power400 V / 3 / N / PE - 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Compressed airYes

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