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Kolb Cleaning Technology – WPCL IUT2

Water recycler: CrossLoop rinse water treatment retrofit module

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kolb WPCL IUT2 is a recycling module for heavy metal contaminated DI / DM rinse water. Suitable as a system integrated option for kolb AQUBE® and PSB two tank cleaning systems with integrated ClosedLoop technology.

Systems for product cleaning (PCBs, DCBs, HDIs etc.) and tools cleaning (screens, stencils, solder frames / carriers, filters etc.) have to exchange the water after every single rinsing process or are equipped with an integrated filtering cycle, which already allows multiple use of the rinse water. The water-saving cleaning systems from kolb have already integrated such a ClosedLoop recycling technology as a standard feature, which already allows a repeated use of the rinse water. The CrossLoop technology of WPCL IU T2 extends these resource savings of water again by a multiple.

WPCL IUT2 SYMBIO-modules with CrossLoop crossover recirculation technology and sixfold filtration manage the recycling of wastewater, thus significantly reducing the need for fresh water and for producing DI water as well lowering the cost for disposal of contaminated used up water.

The installation of the fully enclosed compact WPCL IUT2 SYMBIO-module is on the rear side of the cleaning system and increases its depth by only about 400 – 700 millimeters.

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