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Kolb Cleaning Technology – WPSD IU

Wastewater disposer: Sewage water processing module

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WPSD IU is a wastewater treatment SYMBIO-unit for heavy metal contaminated rinsing water. Suitable as a system integrated option for kolb AQUBE® cleaning systems with integrated ClosedLoop technology.

A closed rinsing circuit is integrated into all kolb cleaning systems. Usually these are systems for product (PCBs, DCBs, HDIs, etc.) or for tool cleaning (screens, stencils, solder frames / carriers, condensate filters, etc.).

The rinsing water is repeatedly used in the ClosedLoop process (depending on the cycle number and the task options) until its dirt entry respectively its μS conductance is so high that it is no longer usable and has to be disposed. The cheapest disposal is the indirect discharging into the public sewage network. This may only be done with regard to the legal limit values! The operator is responsible for compliance with the local regulations, possible authorizations by the authorities and proper

The WPSD IU SYMBIO module uses the patented HME process developed by kolb for metal precipitation from alkaline rinsing waters with high dissolved or undissolved heavy metal contents like lead, tin, silver and copper. The rinse water is thus treated in such a way that it can be indirectly discharged into a public sewage network.

The installation of the fully enclosed compact WPSD IU SYMBIO-module is on the rear side of the cleaning system and increases its depth by only about 400 – 700 or width (AQUBE® 9 systems) by only 550 millimeters.

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