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Saki – BF-3Si-MD2

3D M size dual lane inspection of solderpaste in superb efficiency and accuracy

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Solder paste is applied during the printing process and is necessary to attach the components to a circuit board to assure the proper electrical connection. The printing process has become extremely complex due to today’s circuit board configurations that pack very small components into extremely tight spaces. Over 50% of circuit board defects are rooted in problems related to solder paste printing. To accurately determine the accuracy of the printing process, 3D solder paste inspection has become a requirement.

Length1430 mm
Height1500 mm
Weight850 kg
Power240 V / 1 / N / PE - 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Compressed airYes
Min. PCB length50 mm
Min. PCB width60 mm
Max. PCB length320 mm
Max. PCB width330 mm
PCB Clearance Top40 mm
PCB Clearance Bottom50 mm
Resolution camera head7 | 12 | 18 µm

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