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Visus Technology – CMORE PLUS

The CMore Plus magnification system from Visus technology combines the FHD technology´s supremely sharp images and the microscopes ability to magnify

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View crystal clear 1920×1080 images on your HD monitor, reducing the eye strain and neck fatigue associated with frequent use of traditional microscopes.

In process visual inspection, final quality control inspection, documentation of quality, standardization of quality process.

Side by side image comparison
Overlay Image comparator.
Document to network – save time by connection your CMORE to your network. Store images on specific place.
Optical magnification to 30x with standard lens and fast autofocus ensures excellent images.High magnification, exceptional clarity

The flexibility ICON offers enables it to be utilized in different industries such as
Electronics, Jewellery, Watchmaking, Forensic, Metallurgical, Medical, Automotive, Aerospace, Conversation and restoration.

Length170 mm
Width350 mm
Height410 mm
Weight4.5 kg

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