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Asscon – VP510


Conveniently operating laboratory vapor phase reflow soldering system with an integrated cooling system.

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ASSCON Vapor-Phase-Reflow-Soldering Systems set the
benchmark in soldering technology. The physical laws of
the process permit defect-free soldering of the most complicated
SMT assemblies in any required geometry even
when using lead-free solder pastes. Components such as
QFPs, BGAs, Flip-Chips as well as hybrids are processed
with very high quality results.

The VP 510 Series is designed to be used in the laboratory
and for prototype production. Due to its compact design
and optionally an integrated cooling unit the machine may
be used at any place and without preparatory set-up even
at different workplaces. With an integrated closed cooling
system installed only a 240 V / 120 V supply connection is
required to operate the unit.

Machine design concept
The machine is impressive due its simplicity, ease of use
and providing the ability to solder high quality assemblies
defect-free. Integrated in the self-supporting structure is
the process zone with electrically operated lift-unit and the
work piece carrier. The electronic control includes temperature
sensors for the heaters, fluid and steam temperatures
and therefore ensures absolute process reliability. An automatic
measuring cycle recognizes the prozess fluid used.
The machine is delivered with an automatic monitoring of
the process fluid level by default. The whole process can
be observed through a sight window. A quick start function
reduces energy consumption during stand by mode and
guarantees operational readiness for the next solder cycle
within the shortest time.

Process sequence
After opening the machine cover the solder product is
placed on a work piece carrier. The process starts. An electric
motor moves the work piece carrier with the assemblies
to be soldered into soldering position. The PLC controls vapor
production according to the set temperature gradients.
Having reached the soldering temperature the work piece
carrier is moved to the cooling position. The inner lock between
process and cooling zone closes. The solder product
is cooled by an effective blower system. After the cooling
time has expired, a signal indicates release for removing of
the work piece. An electromechanical guard locking prevents
from opening the machine during production process.

Length550 mm
Width600 mm
Height900 mm
Weight150 kg
Power240 VAC / 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Compressed airNo

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