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Vision, Mission and Values

When Parable Trust acquired the Blakell Europlacer group from the Kellard family on 26 February 2013, we agreed to respect, maintain, and build upon the original vision given by God to Pat & Jenny Kellard. In our previous progress report, we shared an article written by Pat Kellard entitled ‘I will give you the treasures of darkness – Vision, Calling, Preparation, Foundation and Building’. Interestingly, this article was published in 1988, three years before Blakell acquired Europlacer in 1991 and 10 years before Speedprint was acquired in 1998. From this original vision we have developed a mission for our business, which is as follows:

“To be the leading independent company in the global SMT industry, providing innovative solutions that help transform and grow the business of our customers. To achieve this, we employ the best people who work collaboratively and maintain high standards.”

This mission statement reinforces the principle that customers are at the centre of our business, and that it is our people who make the difference by giving our best in terms of innovation, creativity and service. Going back to the Parable of the Talents, which we shared with you all at our first meetings, it is about being bold and courageous multiplying the gifts, talents and skills that we have been given and not holding back and burying our talents.

This mission has to be much more than just words: it is about a call to action, and we encourage each of you to discuss, challenge and understand the real meaning of this statement. To deliver this mission, we also need to be clear about our Values; this is all about how we conduct ourselves and the way that we go about doing business with our customers, suppliers and one another. The leadership team has agreed that our Values can be summarised as follows:

inTegrity, geneRosity, mUltiplication, reSpect, faiTh

TRUST – The importance of Trust is at the centre of all of our relationships (hence these words are depicted in bold letters which run vertically down through our Values). We have a strong base of loyal customers because they trust us. When things go wrong, we acknowledge our errors and put matters right. Trust can take years to establish, but can be destroyed very quickly.

Integrity – Trust is supported by demonstrating integrity. We are honest in our dealings with our customers and one another. We do not make promises that we cannot fulfil.

Generosity – Giving the best of ourselves in helping our customers and one another. We think of others before ourselves and seek not to be selfish. We give our time and are prepared to go the extra ‘mile’ (kilometer) to ensure we deliver the best to our customers and one another. Through the value created in our business, we are able to give to the poor and needy.

Multiplication – Seeking growth in our customers and in their businesses and in our people. This can come from innovation, creating new solutions, in terms of both products and services. We want to see our people grow and to disciple the next generation to take over the stewardship of the business. We want to see our customers grow and be fruitful.

Respect – Showing respect to our customers and one another. We need to listen carefully to each other and be prepared to consider different cultures internationally, different ways of doing business, and different approaches. We build trust through respect and responding in the right way.

Faith – Respecting each other and personal faith and beliefs. Whilst our business has been established and built upon the Christian faith, we do not wish to impose our beliefs on anyone. Conversely, we will be open to express our faith and expect mutual respect accordingly. We encourage people to be passionate about their work, to aspire to develop and to grow with our customers and in our business

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Nos fantastiques partenaires