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Essegi Storage Solutions – ISM 2000

Automatic store for the storage of SMT and THT components

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Ideal for large numbers.
Designed specifically for optimal management of large reels. Ideal for companies that have a high number of reels to handle.
Multifunctional, many dimensions.
Multiple uses: for reels and microprocessors trays. Many dimensions: you can enter reels 7″and height from 8 to 16mm, or reels 13″ and 15 “and height up to 72mm.
Patented Multi-Output: it charges and discharges up to 27 reels simultaneously.
Fast exit: exit system and ultra-fast extraction of reels in record time. Upload and download: up to 27 reels simultaneously.
Fast exit: to extract the rolls also during the loading / unloading stage.
The multiple output Fast Exit allows great flexibility of management. For example, when, in the process of loading / unloading, one urgently needs a reel and has no time to wait for the operation terms.
The store can interrupt the loading / unloading operation, providing priority component of which one is in urgent need, and then continue again with the loading / unloading stage.

Humidity control module plug and play.
Like all ISM models, ISM 2000 can also be equipped with the humidity control module. The storage environment is always under control and the moisture level is constantly below 5%.

Accurate calculation of the “Floor Life”
Thanks to the ISM software, the expiration of each component is calculated and plotted with absolute precision. The software prevents use of components whose period of exposure to moisture values ​​higher than 5% has expired. In this way, the expired components can be extracted quickly from the store and brought to the oven for the “baking”.

Length2360 mm
Width1650 mm
Height2400 mm
Weight1350 kg
Power240 VAC / 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Compressed airYes

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