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Fritsch – placeALL 620L

Modular Pick and Place system

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The placeALL®620L is built modular and has a larger placement area than the placeALL®620. The wide range of handled components from 0201 chips up to FP parts with 0.3 mm pitch and BGAs allows the flexible assembly of even complex projects.
With 284 feeder positions and a intelligent software, changeover times can be reduced to a minimum.
Additionally, the whole placement area can be used to assemble large circuit boards (up to 910 × 430 mm).

Range of applications
Assembling and dispensing of low and medium volume SMT up to 10500 (two heads) 6000 (4600 / IPC9850) components per hour.

Feeding units
Feeding of components from tape, stick, tape stripe, tray and loose components.

Component capability
Chips 0201 up to Fine Pitch 70 × 70 mm and pitch 0.3 mm, BGAs, µBGAs, CSPs, QFNs and custom parts like connectors, wired THT-LEDs etc.

Length2350 mm
Width1500 mm
Height1600 mm
Power240 VAC / 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Compressed airYes

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